About Sovereign

    I Am Sovereign—and I am here to deliver a message. For years our political parties and politicians have been deliberately hiding their activities from us in order to evade personal responsibility and to conceal their criminal actions. Despite the fact that more and more politicians are being caught abusing their positions for personal gain, our government has done nothing to hold them accountable and even, in some cases, has allowed them to get away with it. But that ends now.

   We Sovereigntists demand that our present system of governance is changed, not by some kind of reformation, but by the establishment of a new government. Corrupt politicians have gone to great lengths to remain in power so we, the people, must go further by forcibly removing them. Yet the corruption which is pervasive in our own government can also be found in all other governments. Corruption is an evil that has nearly destroyed our very way of life, but it is an evil that can be gradually driven out.

   The time has come for a global revolution; for all of us to take a stand against corruption and protect true democracy. For those of you reading this I implore you to download a free copy of Sovereignty, so that you may have a clear understanding of what the Sovereigntist movement is trying to accomplish. For it is only through Sovereigntism that we will be able to change this corrupted system. Tyranny has left us with only two options: we can either accept our corrupt government as it is or we can begin working together to establish a more responsible one. The choice is yours.

About Sovereignty

   Sovereignty is a doctrine that aims to unite all people together, regardless of their nationality, to create a single State with a global government. In order to accomplish this, We Sovereigntists have put forward a list of twenty demands:

1. All humans are to be recognized and treated as equals.
2. The dissolve of all nations so that there can be a single and indivisible Sovereign State.
3. All humans have the right to free educational services.
4. All humans have the right to free medical services.
5. All humans have the right to free legal services.
6. All humans receive pay and employment equity. Services that are functionally more important than others or require more skills to be performed effectively are to be adequately rewarded.
7. All the means of transport (railways, roads, ships, aircraft, etc.) are to be taken over by the State. They will become the property of the State and all humans are to have free access to land-based transport.
8. All debts are to be forgiven entirely without compensation.
9. All banks, including private, are to merge into a global State-regulated bank that will introduce a universal digital currency.
10. The State is to establish and maintain a common language.
11. The State guarantees a livelihood to all humans and provides for those who are incapacitated to work.
12. The abolition of private ownership in favor of collective ownership.
13. Inheritance is to be limited to one million dollars and excess wealth is to be collected and redistributed equally in order to provide the poor with their basic needs.
14. The abolition of Income Tax and the introduction of a Universal Sales Tax.
15. The State is to manage and regulate all contract-based services (utilities, telecommunications, etc.) and they are to be taxed accordingly.
16. All Oaths of Allegiance are to be abolished and replaced with the Oath of Sovereignty.
17. The disarmament of all Weapons of Mass Destruction.
18. The State is to establish universal legal age requirements for voting, driving, etc. so that all provinces share the same legal age requirements.
19. The State is to establish a planned economy, which adjusts production to the needs of the people.
20. The State is to ban mass surveillance and all other invasive surveillance activities threatening the rights and freedoms of the people.

About the Sovereigntist Movement

   The Sovereigntist movement is the most powerful and resolute force ever to come into existence and is the only force capable of overthrowing supremacy. Ultimately, the Sovereigntist movement aims to restore true democracy, reinstate good governance, safeguard human rights, fight corruption, reduce crime, encourage civic participation, improve the standard of living, and establish universal equality. The Sovereigntist movement is, above all, a movement for the people by the people. It is a movement that will unite humanity in a global effort to achieve social, political, and economic change. Only through this revolutionary movement can the State of Sovereignty be established.

   Let it be known that the greatest enemies of true democracy and human solidarity will be among the first to reject our demands and denounce Sovereigntism. But do not be fooled by these people because they are nothing more than liars and hypocrites who will say just about anything to undermine the Sovereigntist movement. However, We Sovereigntists must remain strong and stand firm in our oath. For we are the one true hope and we fight for what we believe—we fight for Sovereignty!

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